Serge Lachapelle on designing real-time

29 October 2012 | interview | webrtc
Author clara

Our first London event Rethinking Real-time is coming up. It's in collaboration with Google so Clara caught up with our favourite Canadian-Swede Googler to get a little taste of what to expect from a designers perspective.

Hi Serge!

I'm a visual artist interested in the creative potential of the web so I have a few questions regarding WebRTC, Web Audio and Chome Media to work out how best to approach them.

Can you define what Chrome Media actually is?

Chrome Media is the team responsible for HTML 5 audio and video support in Chrome. This includes, WebM, video tag, WebRTC, Web Audio and all the related plumbing.

How would you hope this will be different from the last WebRTC Protothon event?

The technology is more mature and the event expands to Chrome WebAudio. We were quite pleased with the last event results, so I don't hope it will be too different!

What are the most interesting developments in terms of WebRTC since the last Protothon?

  1. It will be in a Stable version of Chrome.
  2. Much more standards compliant.
  3. A lot of more work from other developers that can be pulled in to get going quickly for the event.

Anything you think I should know about before applying?

If you can can solve issues by hitting them with a wrench like Chewbacca, have Skywalker-like lightsaber skills with JS and can bring a team together to accomplish great things like Leia, then you are the perfect candidate!

Serge Lachapelle heads up the Google WebRTC team that's based here in Stockholm. He will run the event with the rest of the Protothon & Google team.

To get a further understanding of these technologies here are a couple of great articles about WebRTC and Web Audio from HTML5 Rocks.

Sign up to be considered as a team member for this fascinating event on Friday 30th November here.