Rethinking Real-Time: Hello Chris Rogers and Jan Linden

6 November 2012 | webrtc

We're super excited about Rethinking Real-time, the Web Audio and WebRTC Protothon we're running in collaboration with Google and the Chrome team in London November 30th.

For this event Google and the Chrome team is bringing some of their key experts in this field.

Straight from San Francisco we have the legendary Chris Rogers, staff engineer at Google working on advanced web platform technologies. Previously he's worked for Apple where he was a principal designer of the Audio Units plugin architecture, and developed many of the ones shipping on Mac OS X and iOS, including the AUMatrixReverb, and the AUTimePitch time-stretching algorithm. He's also worked for Macromedia, Motorola, Wolfram Research, and IRCAM where he worked on SVP and developed the original AudioSculpt application.

Also flying in from San Francisco is Jan Linden, a Senior Product Manager in the Google Chrome team. His focus is on bringing exceptional HTML5 audio and video experiences to the web platform. Before its acquisition by Google, Jan was the Vice President of Engineering of Global IP Solutions. He has been conducting research and development in signal processing and communications for more than twenty years. Prior to joining Global IP Solutions he was with the University of California, Santa Barbara and SignalCom, Inc.

Register now for Rethinking Real-time, November 30th London.