Team Charades

25 March 2012 | demos | webrtc

Team Charades: A multiplayer, real-time, online classic.
Built by a team of international masters.

Team charades is a game in which teams of two compete to guess a number of secret phrases. The phases are revealed by the app and given to a player in each team.

That team member (the actor) must act out the phrase and the other team member (the guesser) must guess it from their actions. The guesser submits their answer via an input field.

Once someone from a team guesses correctly then a message is sent to all the competing teams, ending that round, after a countdown a new round begins. The winning team is that which wins a set number of rounds.

VoilĂ ! Multiplayer, real-time, online charades.




Adam Todd - Interactive Designer / Manchester


Hrvoje Bandov - Computer Science Student / Croatia


David Jonsson - Web Developer / Sweden


Nick Foster - Developer & Entrepreneur / California

Watch a demonstration video of Team Charades here.