"It is the business of the future to be dangerous"

― Alfred North Whitehead & Hawkwind

Are you in?
Swapping hyperlinks for handshakes for one hell of a weekend at I-A-M
Interview: Carolyne Ekyarisiima & Noëlla Thindwa
Carolyne and Noella are the brains behind two amazing companies that empower women through creativity and tech in Tanzania and DR Congo. We got the opportunity to interview them at Prototype Change.
A discussion about tech and learning in Tanzania together with the founder of Shule Direct.
Kicking off Prototype Change Summit – a summary of the ideas, themes and speakers.
  • Prototyping change through scenarios
    Digging into the details of Prototype Change
  • Interviewing Faces of Tech
    Tech is a fantastic world that, for some reason, is home to a lot more men than women. Faces of Tech was formed to change to this.
  • Müller's Rift
    Get an insight into Resonate.io 2014 in this interview with digital arts pioneer Andreas Müller.
  • Robyn's Robot
    "Robyn has something any engineer can be inspired by – the urge to find new expressions and break new ground."
  • Mould your mind
    If you Kickstart one thing this year – make it Mould Map 3. The masterful print publication MouldMap strikes back to showcase the hyperreal cosmic-hatched gut...
  • Interviewing Underverk
    Jonna and Josefin run UNDERVERK – a platform for experience design in Stockholm. We got together with them to find out what they have in store.
  • Liquid Data
    The film is here. Liquid Data, immortalised.
  • An Animated GIF IRL
    My longing for it's materialisation was born out of a fascination of digital aesthetics. We spend more and more time in front of the computer and it is a different world in there, one we cannot yet reach.
  • Workshop: Digital Dominoes
    A workshop to explore Arduino, sensors and how they can be used to communicate powerful brand messages.
    Information Experience Design insight from the Californian gent and scholar, Kevin Walker.
    First in our Labs of the World series takes us to Helsinki and ADDLAB's Johanna & Jenna.
  • Rethinking Real-Time Film
    Documentation film from Rethinking Real-time at Campus London on Nov 30th 2012.